Show Schedule

Show Time for the 3 day show in Punta Gorda is from 10 AM until 5 PM on (Friday) & Saturday 10 to 4 PM on Sunday      

Set up for that show would be on Thursday
Sales Tax is 6% in Lee County,
6% in Collier County, 6.5 % in Manatee County
7% in Charlotte, Sarasota, DeSoto & Hillsborough Counties, FL 
    Every Vendor will have to pay a $30.00 Deposit    (Credit Card or check)

  If you pay by check   I still will need your credit card info. With that on file you can pay early or when you arrive.


Sally's Cell


2016/2017 Season

Show times are 10am to 5 pm Sat 10am to 4 pm on Sunday

3 day show  set up on Thursday

Gilchrist Park Remodeling to start on October 10. We will not be able to go there for 18 months. Please make the new locations a success by participating until we can return.






N/P no RV camping allowed - talk to us! 

Always        Bring  Weights & Dolly


G means on Grass bring Spikes & Ropes - BT is Black Top
  01 Nov. 12-13, 2016 7th Punta Gorda (The Market Place) $180.00 Tax incl


 B T    

  02 Nov. 19 -20, 2016 14th - Venice (Jacaranda Crossings) $175.00 Tax incl   B T Outside
  03 Dec 03-04, 2016  5th - Fort Myers  (Bell Tower Shops) $180.00  Tax incl


B T Outside


04 Dec. 10-11, 2016 7th - North Port (Shops @ North Port) $175.00 Tax   G Outside
3 days 05 Jan. 06-07-08, 2017 14th Punta Gorda (Market Place ) $195.00 Tax incl


  06 Jan. 14-15, 2017 16th - Ft. Myers Beach  (Lover's Key State Park) $175.00  Tax incl   G Outside


07 Jan. 21-22, 2017 7th - Fort Myers (McGregor Pointe) $175.00 Tax incl   G / B T Outside
  08 Jan 28- 29, 2017 9th N. Ft. Myers (Merchants Crossing) $175.00 Tax incl


B T Outside


09 Feb. 04-05, 2017 13th - Ellenton (Gamble Plantation Festival) $175.00 Tax incl   G Outside
  10 Feb.11-12, 2017  2nd Englewood (The Elk's Lodge 2378) $175.00 Tax incl   G / B T Outside
  11 Feb.18-19, 2017

 11th  - Bonita Springs (Sunshine Plaza)

$175.00 Tax incl


B T Outside
  12 Feb. 25-26, 2017 2nd - Naples (Eagle Lakes Comm. Pk) $175.00 Tax incl


G Outside
  13 Mar 04-05, 2017 13th - Punta Gorda (Muscle Car City) $175.00 Tax incl


 B T Outside
  14 Mar 11-12, 2017 24th - Venice (Jacaranda Crossing) $175.00  Tax incl   B T Outside
  15 Mar 18-19, 2017  7th - Fort Myers (McGregor Pointe) $175.00 Tax incl   B T Outside
  16 Mar 25-26, 2017 4th - Fort Myers (Bell Tower Shops) $180.00 Tax incl


B T Outside

MY Phone Number is  239-707-3467


RV parking will be $35.00 -

 N/P  means NO RV parking allowed - against ordinance. (You are on your own - call me for suggestions)  ? - needs to be confirmed in writing

BT = Black Top; G - Grass; NL - New Location; TLC- Temporary Location Change

Set-up time for most shows is from 1:00 PM until dark on Friday or (Thursday on a 3 day show), and after 7:00 AM on Saturday (or Friday on a 3 day show).
For Food Vendors only:  I will charge an additional $40.00 for the second space required for Trailer you serve from. Your generator will have to be covered as much as possible to avoid excess noise. You can build a styrofoam cover that help  with cutting down noise levels.  
Always have your weights with you & dolly, sometimes we cannot stake or drive in.
Bring your own 2 1/2 inch Drywall Screws & Washers and Drill with you to anchor down your tents! If not Gene will charge $5.00 for him to do it.  Anchoring with Screws  & Cement blocks or Sand bags is a MUST!!! NO EXCEPTIONS because of Safety! Screws to be used have to have MY's approval!! I am responsible in the end unless you have insurance covering you and me.
If you have insurance and I have a certificate naming MY Promotions, Inc as additional insured in my hands, you will not be forced to screw down!
G  -- On Grass you will need Spikes and ropes to tie your tent down securely

Everyone needs to fill out a new application for each new season,
only one application is needed for the whole season.

 If you cannot make it for whatever reason, please be courteous and give us a call; Please do not email at show times (starts the day before, I will have left my office.) If you do not call you me you will owe for the show.  We accept VISA & M/C credit cards for a $5 fee. 

It looks really bad when we have holes -  so please work with us!

Check out the reasonable prices of insurance to cover your product - on the way, at the show and at home. It also protects you if someone gets injured during the show by you or your display or product.

No one doing Arts & Crafts Shows should be without coverage!!!!
Another option is to call RLI - Insurance for a reasonably small amount you can be protected -           1-866-741-6560 or   860-793-9601



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