Show Schedule

Show Time for the 3 day show in Punta Gorda is from 10 AM until 5 PM on (Friday) & Saturday 10 to 4 PM on Sunday      

Set up for that show would be on Thursday
Sales Tax is 6% in Lee County,
6% in Collier County, 6.5 % in Manatee County
7% in Charlotte, Sarasota, DeSoto & Hillsborough Counties, FL 
    Every Vendor will have to pay a $30.00 Deposit    (Credit Card or check)

  If you pay by check   I still will need your credit card info. With that on file you can pay early or when you arrive.


Sally's Cell


2016/2017 Season

Show times are 10am to 5 pm Sat 10am to 4 pm on Sunday

3 day show  set up on Thursday

Gilchrist Park Remodeling supposed to start on October 10. In that case we will not be able to go there for 18 months. Please make the new locations a success by participating until we can return.

I am praying that it will still be available to us.

However one day it will happen.




N/P no RV camping allowed - talk to us! 

Always        Bring  Weights & Dolly


G means on Grass bring Spikes & Ropes - BT is Black Top
  01 Nov. 12-13, 2016 7th Punta Gorda (Gilchrist Pk or Muscle Car City) $175.00 Tax incl will know Oct. 1

 G or Black Top     

  02 Nov. 19 -20, 2016 14th - Venice (Jacaranda Crossings) $175.00 Tax incl   Black Top Outside
  03 Dec 03-04, 2016  5th - Fort Myers  (Bell Tower Shops) $175.00  Tax incl   Black Top Outside


04 Dec. 10-11, 2016 7th - North Port (Shops @ North Port) $175.00 Tax   G Outside
3 days 05 Jan. 06-07-08, 2017 14th Punta Gorda (Market Place ) $190.00 Tax incl  
   Black - Top
  06 Jan. 14-15, 2017 16th - Ft. Myers Beach  (Lover's Key State Park) $175.00  Tax incl   G Outside


07 Jan. 21-22, 2017 7th - Fort Myers (McGregor Pointe) $175.00 Tax incl   G / Black Top Outside
  08 Jan 28- 29, 2017 9th N. Ft. Myers (Merchants Crossing) $175.00 Tax incl   Black Top Outside


09 Feb. 04-05, 2017 13th - Ellenton (Gamble Plantation Festival) $175.00 Tax incl   G Outside
  10 Feb.11-12, 2017  2nd Englewood (The Elk's Lodge 2378) $175.00 Tax incl   Black Top Outside
  11 Feb.18-19, 2017

 11th  - Bonita Springs (Sunshine Plaza)

$175.00 Tax incl not confirmed Black Top Outside
  12 Feb. 25-26, 2017 Fort Myers (College Plaza) $175.00 Tax incl not confirmed Black Top Outside
  13 Mar 04-05, 2017 13th - Punta Gorda (Gilchrist Park or Muscle Car City) $175.00 Tax incl will know Oct. 1 G or Black Top Outside
  14 Mar 11-12, 2017 24th - Venice (Jacaranda Crossing) $175.00  Tax incl   Black Top Outside
  15 Mar 18-19, 2017  7th - Fort Myers (McGregor Pointe) $175.00 Tax incl   Black Top Outside
  16 Mar 25-26, 2017 4th - Fort Myers (Bell Tower Shops) $175.00 Tax incl   Black Top Outside

MY Phone Number is  239-707-3467


RV parking will be $35.00 -

 N/P  means NO RV parking allowed - against ordinance. (You are on your own - call me for suggestions) 

Set-up time for most shows is from 1:00 PM until dark on Friday or (Thursday on a 3 day show), and after 7:00 AM on Saturday (or Friday on a 3 day show).
Always have your weights with you & dolly, sometimes we cannot stake or drive in.
Bring your own 2 1/2 inch Drywall Screws & Washers and Drill with you to anchor down your tents! If not Gene will charge $5.00 for him to do it.  Anchoring with Screws  & Cement blocks or Sand bags is a MUST!!! NO EXCEPTIONS because of Safety! Screws to be used have to have MY's approval!! I am responsible in the end unless you have insurance covering you and me.
If you have insurance and I have a certificate naming MY Promotions, Inc as additional insured in my hands, you will not be forced to screw down!
G  -- On Grass you will need Spikes and ropes to tie your tent down securely

Everyone needs to fill out a new application for each new season,
only one application is needed for the whole season.

 If you cannot make it for whatever reason, please be courteous and give us a call; if you do not call you will owe for the show.  We accept VISA & M/C credit cards for a $5 fee. 

It looks really bad when we have holes -  so please work with us!

Check out the reasonable prices of insurance to cover your product - on the way, at the show and at home. It also protects you if someone gets injured during the show by you or your display or product.

Tom Mere Insurance can give you a price quote 239-995-1333.
No one doing Arts & Crafts Shows should be without coverage!!!!
Another option is to call RLI - Insurance for a reasonably small amount you can be protected -           1-866-741-6560 or   860-793-9601


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