M.Y. Promotions

*Welcome to M.Y. Promotions!
"Where people are at Heart"

M.Y. Promotions, Inc was birthed by two ladies who started out as crafters. Sally Mere & Donna Youngblood, therefore the initials MY.

Our idea was to do for Crafters and Artisans what we wanted to have done for us. We have enjoyed working with a variety of Crafters & Artisans and have developed friendships that will last a lifetime.

Donna has decided to leave MY after 10 years to pursue different interests. We appreciate everything she did and wish her well! Ron has gotten quite ill and we would appreciate your prayers for him.  Gene & Shirley Nicalek are not with us at this time - Shirley is not well

We still advertise very well. We use local Papers & Radio Stations, Banner & Road Signs wherever possible & flyers.

We offer great food at most of our shows, such as Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Kettle Corn, Lemonade

We support a Wildlife Sanctuary "Lions, Tigers & Bears, Inc".  They have to feed over 75 animals daily.

The most important motto of our company is: WE Care!

Please remember that we are in NC until the end of October. I will come home for a couple weeks in September.  If you do not hear from us, please do not worry until November. Call us then if we have not confirmed your applications.

We are on location from the time we set up until after the show is over, except for suppers. If you have ANY complaints or Suggestions (which I appreciate), please see me. I will NEVER hold anything against anyone, if you do not agree with me. I make mistakes, I'm a big girl - I can take criticism. I would like to help solve problems, not make them.

I heard complaints of me taking in some buy-sell, that is true. But none of it is in competition with you or is trashy. Please understand that those kind of Vendors make the show look bigger, which draws customers. I try to keep them separate from my Craft Vendors and Artisans.

All other promoters accept Buy-Sell as well, but many don't disclose it.

The Virus this last season was very painful, it is still most annoying. I had Covid and made it through.  If you take the shot you should be somewhat secure.

I try very hard to do my job - but you need to sell your products, sitting in the back of the booth looking sad does not sell. Be friendly and welcome them into your space. Small businesses are still the life blood of our Country. Please do not smoke in or near your booth. Walk away and smoke and then come back, I am sure your neighbors will keep an eye on your booth. Don't give it up!!

 We hope you will join us in our upcoming season.


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